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The Incredible ‘Little Mermaid’ cameo

8 Jun

For anyone who spent their weekend afternoons watching old movies on KMPH, this post may hold special significance, especially if you were ever entranced by the Don Knotts classic The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

The Incredible Mr. Limpet is a great little movie about a put-upon sad sack who turns into a fish and helps the U.S. Navy fight Nazis. Really. It’s part live action, part animation, and all Warner Brothers, which makes this next bit of news a little strange: Mr. Limpet has swum his way into a Disney classic.

A poster on MiceChat thought he/she noticed a familiar-looking fish hiding in the seaweed of the new Little Mermaid attraction at Disney California Adventure, and asked others to confirm. Another poster, Awaflyboy, managed to snap this great picture:

Photo via Awaflyboy and MiceChat.com

That sure looks like Mr. Limpet to me, and to another MiceChat poster, Angie_Duke, who posted the following still from The Little Mermaid movie. Take a look toward the top right:

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