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Disneyland News Update

27 May

Oh, man, there is so much going on at the Disneyland Resort this week; it’s killing me not to be there to check out firsthand all the new stuff.

First of all, the new Star Tours has unofficially opened. The attraction has been running sporadically throughout the week for “soft” openings, and lucky guests who were in the right place at the right time have been allowed on to give it a go.

General consensus has been pretty positive (read the L.A. Times review of the attraction here). Reviewers claim that the ride is fresh and fun, and that the 3D is an enhancement, and not a hindrance (unlike most 3D).

Photo via MiceChat.com

Now, I’m one of those people who normally hates spoilers, but I will make a giant exception for Disneyland rides. Therefore, I watched the following video taken from one of the first flights of the newly updated attraction.

If you want to wait to experience Star Tours for yourself, don’t watch the video; otherwise skip to about 9:30, unless you want to see the queue/boarding stuff (also, be aware it’s blurry thanks to the 3D thing).

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