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Disneyland News Update

27 May

Oh, man, there is so much going on at the Disneyland Resort this week; it’s killing me not to be there to check out firsthand all the new stuff.

First of all, the new Star Tours has unofficially opened. The attraction has been running sporadically throughout the week for “soft” openings, and lucky guests who were in the right place at the right time have been allowed on to give it a go.

General consensus has been pretty positive (read the L.A. Times review of the attraction here). Reviewers claim that the ride is fresh and fun, and that the 3D is an enhancement, and not a hindrance (unlike most 3D).

Photo via MiceChat.com

Now, I’m one of those people who normally hates spoilers, but I will make a giant exception for Disneyland rides. Therefore, I watched the following video taken from one of the first flights of the newly updated attraction.

If you want to wait to experience Star Tours for yourself, don’t watch the video; otherwise skip to about 9:30, unless you want to see the queue/boarding stuff (also, be aware it’s blurry thanks to the 3D thing).

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Watch: Arrested at Disneyland

18 May

If you know me, you know I love me some Disneyland. What you may not know is that I also like looking at strangers’ vacation photos and videos taken at the Magic Kingdom. Sick, I know, but I have the uncanny ability to look past the images of not-cute children to where the real magic is.

My favorite site for Disneyland lurking is MiceAge. In addition to actual breaking Disney news-type stuff, MiceAge hosts forums where obsessives like me can post said photos and videos. This is where I found the following video by a poster called RPDigger, who was at the Magic Kingdom with his family when he witnessed a foot chase occurring.

As best he could tell, some idiot struck a Cast Member somewhere near New Orleans Square then took off for Main Street, where he was apprehended by Disney Security (if you’re going to commit a crime, best not to do it in flip-flops). Check it out:

I really hate to see people misbehaving at Disneyland, and though I’m sure Walt wouldn’t have approved of a takedown in the middle of idyllic Main Street, I’m glad to see douchebaggery being punished accordingly. It warms my heart to think these fools paid hundreds of dollars just to get tossed out (you know, assuming they did something worth getting tossed out for; guilty until proven innocent! — or whatever).

Interestingly, this same poster, RPDigger, on the very same day, was riding the Jungle Cruise when something went awry and the boats had to return to the dock in reverse. I’ve posted that video after the jump. There’s nothing more fun than having a ride break down at Disneyland — that’s when you get a glimpse behind the magic.

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Johnny Depp as … Johnny Depp

18 Apr

I’ve written on this blog before about how much I like the Disney Dream Portraits that cast celebs as iconic Disney characters. It’s so cool to see personalities collide, like in the last series, where Queen Latifah was made up as Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

The most recent photo from the series, though, is kinda lame. Disney thought really hard about who should be cast as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and came up with … Johnny Depp.

It’s a cool picture, no doubt, but I kind of thought the point of these portraits was to surprise and delight. I would have liked to see another actor from the movies dressed as Captain JackĀ  — maybe Penelope Cruz, who stars in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

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Watch: ‘The Boys’

7 Mar

Lately, I’ve been trying to watch more documentary films (it’s pretty much a late-in-life, misguided attempt to make myself feel smarter), and I’ve come to the realization that most documentaries are made with the sole intention of pissing people off. Really, they’re a call to action, but in a lazy person like myself, they mainly serve to make me feel angry and disgusted with humanity.

Not all documentaries are like that, of course. The other day I watched one whose result was to leave me singing. It’s called The Boys, and it’s streaming on Netflix right now (see the trailer here).

The Boys is actually kind of a sad story about Richard and Robert Sherman, two estranged brothers who wrote songs for Disney starting in the 60s. Name a song you love from a Disney movie, and these guys probably wrote it; they’re responsible for many of the songs in Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, The Parent Trap, The Aristocats, The Many Adventures of Winnie Pooh and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. They also wrote the theme songs for Disneyland attractions the Enchanted Tiki Room and It’s a Small World, and the music for non-Disney movies Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Charlotte’s Web.

The first time I’d heard of the Sherman Brothers was when they received a window on Main Street at Disneyland — a pretty high honor in the park, and one that is clearly much-deserved.

The Boys shows how prolific the collaboration is between these two brothers who otherwise don’t get along, and who choose not to spend time with each other to the point that their respective children haven’t seen each other in 40 years.

If you’re a fan of Disney musicals, you have to see The Boys. It made me want to go through my video library to re-watch the classic films again.

Disneyland news update

3 Mar

It seems like there’s so much going on in the world of Disney lately. Bear with me while I geek out a little.

First off, there’s word that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are set to star in a live-action film based on the Jungle Cruise (which I also blogged about on the Beehive).

Photo via Slashfilm

My first thought when I heard the news was: Woody and Buzz — I love them! But of course, it’s not going to be Toy Story 4. I love Tom Hanks in just about anything, but, I’m sorry to say, couldn’t care less about a Buzz-free Tim Allen (I saw him on an episode of “Top Gear” and he seemed kinda … douchey).

I honestly don’t know what to feel about the project, so I’ll save all judgment until I see some footage, whenever that will be. IMDb suggests the movie will come out in 2012, but no details are available yet about what the plot might entail. Here’s hoping the movie at least pays homage to the wonderfully corny script of the Jungle Cruise attraction.

Also going on with the Mouse House: real, visible construction has begun on the entrance to Disney California Adventure. In January, the iconic (in my opinion) CALIFORNIA letters were removed to make way for a 1920s-inspired entrance. The following photo, taken by Twitter user MintCrocodile, shows that progress is finally happening:

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Read: Little-Known Facts About Well-Known Places: Disneyland

12 Feb

While glancing at the bargain books in Barnes and Noble last night, I came across this book about my favorite place on earth, Disneyland. What could this book possibly tell me, I wondered, that I don’t already know? Turns out — quite a lot.

I didn’t know, for example, that “When Pirates of the Caribbean opened in 1967, the fake skeletons available to the Disney designers were unconvincing and looked like tacky Halloween decorations, so real specimens, which had previously been used for research, were purchased from UCLA’s Medical Center.”

Nor did I know I know there are eight graveyards at Disneyland — “four at the Haunted Mansion, one in Frontierland, one on Tom Sawyer’s Island, one along Storybook Land Canal, and one in Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.”

Or that “Though no longer marked by signs, the two roads that intersect the east side of Main Street also have names: Center Street and Plaza Street.”

Or this helpful hint: “Studies show that during prime meal hours, when the self-serve food operations are at their busiest, the lines on the left side tend to be shorter.”

If you’re into Disneyland history and minutiae like I am, or if you just want something to read the next time you’re standing in line for Space Mountain, I recommend picking this small book up. At $6.98, it’s definitely worth the price.

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