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Goofy’s Sky School comes to DCA

28 Jun

This Friday, Goofy’s Sky School, known as Mulholland Madness when Disney California Adventure was trying to be about, you know, California, opens after a lengthy refurbishment.

The attraction was rethemed and repainted to fit the Victorian seaside theme the park now has going on. Well, kind of. It’s about a chicken farm-turned-flying-school, which isn’t Victorian of course, but it sure fits in better than a tacky ride about some street in L.A.

Mice Chat’s ever-reliable Dateline Disneyland has video of the full ride, which you can watch below:

Yep, that’s pretty much how I remember Mulholland Madness — lots of quick turns, no real oomph. The rumor is that the makeover is a placeholder until a better attraction can be Imagineered. In the meantime, I wish they’d added some music or sound, something to turn this boring attraction into a boring Disney attraction, at least.

The Incredible ‘Little Mermaid’ cameo

8 Jun

For anyone who spent their weekend afternoons watching old movies on KMPH, this post may hold special significance, especially if you were ever entranced by the Don Knotts classic The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

The Incredible Mr. Limpet is a great little movie about a put-upon sad sack who turns into a fish and helps the U.S. Navy fight Nazis. Really. It’s part live action, part animation, and all Warner Brothers, which makes this next bit of news a little strange: Mr. Limpet has swum his way into a Disney classic.

A poster on MiceChat thought he/she noticed a familiar-looking fish hiding in the seaweed of the new Little Mermaid attraction at Disney California Adventure, and asked others to confirm. Another poster, Awaflyboy, managed to snap this great picture:

Photo via Awaflyboy and MiceChat.com

That sure looks like Mr. Limpet to me, and to another MiceChat poster, Angie_Duke, who posted the following still from The Little Mermaid movie. Take a look toward the top right:

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Disneyland news update

3 Mar

It seems like there’s so much going on in the world of Disney lately. Bear with me while I geek out a little.

First off, there’s word that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are set to star in a live-action film based on the Jungle Cruise (which I also blogged about on the Beehive).

Photo via Slashfilm

My first thought when I heard the news was: Woody and Buzz — I love them! But of course, it’s not going to be Toy Story 4. I love Tom Hanks in just about anything, but, I’m sorry to say, couldn’t care less about a Buzz-free Tim Allen (I saw him on an episode of “Top Gear” and he seemed kinda … douchey).

I honestly don’t know what to feel about the project, so I’ll save all judgment until I see some footage, whenever that will be. IMDb suggests the movie will come out in 2012, but no details are available yet about what the plot might entail. Here’s hoping the movie at least pays homage to the wonderfully corny script of the Jungle Cruise attraction.

Also going on with the Mouse House: real, visible construction has begun on the entrance to Disney California Adventure. In January, the iconic (in my opinion) CALIFORNIA letters were removed to make way for a 1920s-inspired entrance. The following photo, taken by Twitter user MintCrocodile, shows that progress is finally happening:

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