Watch: Arrested at Disneyland

18 May

If you know me, you know I love me some Disneyland. What you may not know is that I also like looking at strangers’ vacation photos and videos taken at the Magic Kingdom. Sick, I know, but I have the uncanny ability to look past the images of not-cute children to where the real magic is.

My favorite site for Disneyland lurking is MiceAge. In addition to actual breaking Disney news-type stuff, MiceAge hosts forums where obsessives like me can post said photos and videos. This is where I found the following video by a poster called RPDigger, who was at the Magic Kingdom with his family when he witnessed a foot chase occurring.

As best he could tell, some idiot struck a Cast Member somewhere near New Orleans Square then took off for Main Street, where he was apprehended by Disney Security (if you’re going to commit a crime, best not to do it in flip-flops). Check it out:

I really hate to see people misbehaving at Disneyland, and though I’m sure Walt wouldn’t have approved of a takedown in the middle of idyllic Main Street, I’m glad to see douchebaggery being punished accordingly. It warms my heart to think these fools paid hundreds of dollars just to get tossed out (you know, assuming they did something worth getting tossed out for; guilty until proven innocent! — or whatever).

Interestingly, this same poster, RPDigger, on the very same day, was riding the Jungle Cruise when something went awry and the boats had to return to the dock in reverse. I’ve posted that video after the jump. There’s nothing more fun than having a ride break down at Disneyland — that’s when you get a glimpse behind the magic.

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Seen: Bloo

15 May

Walking down Van Ness at Olive the other day I snapped the following picture of what appears to be a new business:

The interior of the building is being renovated, so I couldn’t tell what kind of business “Bloo” is exactly; I figured it must be a novelty shop similar to the one that was there previously.

However, a search of “Bloo” on Google turns up a Yelp page that identifies the business as a hookah lounge with late evening hours. Surprising, because that sign doesn’t suggest hookah bar to me — maybe it’s supposed to be pronounced “bloooow.”

Has anyone heard anything about Bloo?

Visit: Academy Cemetery

11 May

Last week, a couple of friends and I headed northeast on Highway 180 to the Academy Cemetery. I find cemeteries to be fascinating places — a peek into history, in a way. I like to seek out the oldest grave markers and think about what life (and death) was like at the time, and to look for names that have gone out of fashion.

The Academy Cemetery was established in 1864. It’s a small space in the middle of large expanses of ranch and farm land; clean, but overgrown with wild grass. Here are some photos I took from our visit.

View from the cemetery entrance.

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Read: Mennonite in a Little Black Dress

5 May

The other day I was at the library, searching the biography section, when a title jumped out at me. I’d read an article in the New York Times about Rhoda Janzen, author of the memoir Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, so the title was familiar to me. However, I couldn’t remember why I’d read the article or why the title stuck with me.

Cut to me reading the book, which is about how Janzen returns home to her Mennonite family in California after her life pretty much falls to shit. As I’m reading, I think, the Valley has a large Mennonite community, I wonder if this takes place somewhere near here.

About 150 pages in, Janzen mentions Gottschalks. Stunned to see my former workplace mentioned, I start thinking seriously that the book really could take place in the Valley. A few pages later, the Fresno Fair is referenced. Neat, I think. Janzen has traveled to Fresno before.

It’s not until it’s mentioned, some pages later, that Janzen’s mom volunteers at the Meux Home Museum that I realize the book actually takes place in Fresno, and then I remember that I read the NYT article to begin with because of the Fresno connection. Seriously, Nancy Drew I am not.

Anyway, this isn’t a book review, so I won’t bore you with my opinion about it. I will say, if you’ve ever been interested in the Fresno Mennonite community, or if you just like reading things about Fresno in general, you should check out the book. Janzen paints her family (her dad was president of Fresno Pacific University for ten years) and the community in a humorous light — too humorous for some local Mennonites, as it turns out. Still, the book is more a love letter than a criticism, and worth a quick read.

Imbibe: Mimosa

3 May

Pre-dinner mimosa at Landmark in the Tower District

This just in: I’m taking mimosas off the brunch menu and bringing them into the dark of night. That’s right — no longer will I enjoy my mimosa solely as a complement to my asparagus frittata and chicken sausage, I will have my mimosa with a side of mimosa, and a side of mimosa.

Like many, I associated the mimosa with breakfast buffets. Recently, however, I’ve been drinking the mimosa at all hours of the day. At first it felt strange to order one with dinner, and even stranger to order one at the Brig (fun fact: I had to tell a bartender at the Brig how to mix the mimosa).

But no longer will I feel the hesitation and slight embarrassment of placing my order long past the brunch hour. I will drink my mimosas proudly, and with gusto, whenever I damn well feel like it.

The recipe for a traditional mimosa is quite simple: Simply combine equal parts sparkling wine or champagne with orange juice in a champagne flute and stir. Simple, classic, delicious.

In good health, my friends.

Random link is random

3 May

Recently, Deadspin (part of the Gawker Media family of blogs), in a story about a man with a partial face arrested for selling meth, linked to the YouTube page featuring the Raising Arizona swede I did for Swede Fest 6. Ever since I heard about this (thanks, Bryan Harley!), I’ve been wondering why, and I finally came up with: *shrug.*

The man was arrested in Maricopa County, which is where Nicolas Cage’s character H.I. McDunnough lives — so there’s a slight connection there. But why they’d link to the swede as a point of reference for Raising Arizona, again I say: *shrug.*

Anyway, here is said swede. See if you can figure it out.

And don’t forget: Swede Fest 7 is coming up! Entries are due Monday.

Read: Yosemite nutjobs

26 Apr

The May issue of National Geographic has a story about people who climb the faces of Yosemite’s El Capitan and Half Dome using little, or no, gear.

The pictures are insane, but not as insane as the idea of climbing a mountain using just your feet and fingertips.

I love seeing something just outside my backyard in the pages of my favorite magazine. If visions of high-up Yosemite don’t entice you to go out and buy the mag, perhaps this random photo of a flexible bear will:

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