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Goofy’s Sky School comes to DCA

28 Jun

This Friday, Goofy’s Sky School, known as Mulholland Madness when Disney California Adventure was trying to be about, you know, California, opens after a lengthy refurbishment.

The attraction was rethemed and repainted to fit the Victorian seaside theme the park now has going on. Well, kind of. It’s about a chicken farm-turned-flying-school, which isn’t Victorian of course, but it sure fits in better than a tacky ride about some street in L.A.

Mice Chat’s ever-reliable Dateline Disneyland has video of the full ride, which you can watch below:

Yep, that’s pretty much how I remember Mulholland Madness — lots of quick turns, no real oomph. The rumor is that the makeover is a placeholder until a better attraction can be Imagineered. In the meantime, I wish they’d added some music or sound, something to turn this boring attraction into a boring Disney attraction, at least.

Visit: Academy Cemetery

11 May

Last week, a couple of friends and I headed northeast on Highway 180 to the Academy Cemetery. I find cemeteries to be fascinating places — a peek into history, in a way. I like to seek out the oldest grave markers and think about what life (and death) was like at the time, and to look for names that have gone out of fashion.

The Academy Cemetery was established in 1864. It’s a small space in the middle of large expanses of ranch and farm land; clean, but overgrown with wild grass. Here are some photos I took from our visit.

View from the cemetery entrance.

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