Imbibe: Mimosa

3 May

Pre-dinner mimosa at Landmark in the Tower District

This just in: I’m taking mimosas off the brunch menu and bringing them into the dark of night. That’s right — no longer will I enjoy my mimosa solely as a complement to my asparagus frittata and chicken sausage, I will have my mimosa with a side of mimosa, and a side of mimosa.

Like many, I associated the mimosa with breakfast buffets. Recently, however, I’ve been drinking the mimosa at all hours of the day. At first it felt strange to order one with dinner, and even stranger to order one at the Brig (fun fact: I had to tell a bartender at the Brig how to mix the mimosa).

But no longer will I feel the hesitation and slight embarrassment of placing my order long past the brunch hour. I will drink my mimosas proudly, and with gusto, whenever I damn well feel like it.

The recipe for a traditional mimosa is quite simple: Simply combine equal parts sparkling wine or champagne with orange juice in a champagne flute and stir. Simple, classic, delicious.

In good health, my friends.


2 Responses to “Imbibe: Mimosa”

  1. brodiemash May 4, 2011 at 8:30 am #

    I want one NOW!

    • heatherinfresno May 5, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

      Me too!

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