Read: National Geographic

7 Mar

The other day someone surprised me by buying me a subscription to one of my favorite magazines, National Geographic. My little nerd heart was overjoyed. I’d been threatening to get a subscription for months, as $15 for a subscription to the monthly magazine seemed like a pretty good deal to me. He’d found the magazine for just $10 on a site called Slick Deals — an even better deal, and one that couldn’t be passed up.

I can’t wait for my first issue to arrive in the mail. I love everything about National Geographic, from the iconic yellow border to the glossy pages, amazing photos and information contained within.

In February’s issue, for instance, I found out that the world’s supply of helium will most likely run out in the next 40 years (maybe sooner if Disneyland keeps selling those inflatable Mickey ears). I also learned that dinosaurs developed feathers to aid in sexual attraction and mating, and didn’t discover they could use them for flight for a pretty long time. Fascinating, no?

And check out this amazing photo of a rose bud, dipped in liquid nitrogen, being shot through with an air-rifle pellet. I have no idea why anyone would think to do this, but it makes for an incredible photo:

Seriously, do yourself (or your kids) a favor and get a subscription to National Geographic. $10 is a small price to pay for awesome.


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