Scene: Beehive Birthday VI

14 Feb

I write for a blog called The Fresno Beehive. Thursday night, that blog held a birthday celebration commemorating six years of existence.

The Beehive has held three birthday parties. The first was held at Audie’s Olympic in the Tower District. It was quite fun, and quite successful. The second was held downtown at Full Circle, and it was equally fun, and equally successful. This latest party was held at the newly opened Fulton 55 and, in my opinion, was the best party we’ve thrown yet.

I could try to list all of the people who made the Beehive Birthday VI amazing, but instead I’ll just post this link. You know who you are. I will say this: what made the party fantastic, in my opinion, was its chill, easy-going vibe. The venue was big. The people were plentiful. The staff at Fulton 55 was efficient and adept. And the itinerary was relaxed enough to allow plenty of chit-chat among party guests. Yes, I may be anti-social, but I loved that our readers made the party.

Here are some random (terrible) pics I took at the party, and some much better pics others took.

The Cross Streets guys


Caroline, of Caroline's Creations


The crowd

View of La Elegante taco trunk from second-floor Fulton 55

Mike Oz takes the mike

Donald Munro takes the stage

Why I looked like (see below)


Below. (Thank you Donald Munro for the pic)


Travis Sheridan Pecha Kuchas the Beehive (photo by Donald Munro)


SW Parra caricatures my brother, James (photo by Donald Munro)

Joan, Mike, Kathy, Donald and me: the Fresno Beehive (photo by Roque Rodriguez)

I had an amazing time, and I hope, if you were there, you did, too. See you next year.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the Beehive’s coverage of the party.


2 Responses to “Scene: Beehive Birthday VI”

  1. Natali February 14, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    Nice post, thanks for the pics- I needed the vicarious tour! 🙂 Also, think it’s pretty funny that google ads suggests inexpensive beehive started kits at the end of the post.

    • heatherinfresno February 15, 2011 at 9:24 am #

      I really wish you could have been there! Among other things, you could have saved poor Brandon from having to listen to my drunk ramblings. 🙂

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