Seen: Target’s wayward poles

12 Feb

Been to the River Park Target lately? The store is going through some remodeling, as signage indicates, to make room for a new produce section.

Aisles have shifted around a bit, and what’s left in the aisle that leads to the electronics section is this:

Now, I’m sure it couldn’t be helped, but the sudden presence of a bunch of poles just off-center of the middle of the aisle took me by surprise. Aside from the clumsy maneuvering of carts around these things during high-traffic times, I predict the meeting of many faces with poles as those more intent on their cell phones don’t watch where they’re going. Let’s face it, people are kinda dumb.

Truthfully, the poles just look … weird. Perhaps because I remember when they weren’t as visible, they make the store look unfinished. Kind of cheap.

Which, hey, is Target’s thing, right?


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  1. brodiemash February 15, 2011 at 8:43 am #


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