Me vs Matthew Patel

28 Jun

In my previous entry about Edgar Wright posting our swede on his blog, I meant to include a picture I took with Satya Bhabha, the actor who played Matthew Patel in Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Here is Satya and I outside Fulton 55 when his band He’s My Brother She’s My Sister came to Fresno on June 25.

He may have mystical powers, but I think I could squash this dude.

And here is crappy-quality video I took of the band. They were really fun. A lot of their songs were upbeat, and I had a great time dancing with my peeps in front of the stage. (Notice the tap-dancing drummer — she was awesome. Apparently it was her first time playing drums, too.)

Goofy’s Sky School comes to DCA

28 Jun

This Friday, Goofy’s Sky School, known as Mulholland Madness when Disney California Adventure was trying to be about, you know, California, opens after a lengthy refurbishment.

The attraction was rethemed and repainted to fit the Victorian seaside theme the park now has going on. Well, kind of. It’s about a chicken farm-turned-flying-school, which isn’t Victorian of course, but it sure fits in better than a tacky ride about some street in L.A.

Mice Chat’s ever-reliable Dateline Disneyland has video of the full ride, which you can watch below:

Yep, that’s pretty much how I remember Mulholland Madness — lots of quick turns, no real oomph. The rumor is that the makeover is a placeholder until a better attraction can be Imagineered. In the meantime, I wish they’d added some music or sound, something to turn this boring attraction into a boring Disney attraction, at least.

Seen: Pub closure (updated)

27 Jun

UPDATE: Good news, y’all. I went by the pub today and it was open. Now all of us who lamented that we never went while we had the chance can get our butts in gear and start patronizing this place on the regular.

Original: Friday night I saw the following sign on the door of the pub located at Herndon and Marks (formerly called Body in the Bog, then Moynihan’s, now with no apparent name):

Earlier in the year, the pub closed while the owner was on vacation, but the handwritten note stated the reason for the closure. This sign seems a bit more ominous, no?

A gift from Edgar Wright

27 Jun

I’m kind of late in posting this, but it’s still pretty cool, so what the heck.

Last week, actor Satya Bhabha, who played Matthew Patel in Scott Pilgrim vs the World, came to Fresno with his band He’s My Brother She’s My Sister. A couple of us sent Satya via Twitter the link to the Scott Pilgrim swede we did for Swede Fest 7, and he retweeted it. About a half hour later, Edgar Wright, director of Scott Pilgrim, posted a link to the swede on his blog, Edgar Wright Here.

Needless to say, what a tremendous and exciting surprise for those of us who made the swede, and for Swede Fest, which also got a shout-out in Wright’s blog post. Below is the swede, and here is the link to the blog post.

Quid pro quo: If you haven’t yet seen Scott Pilgrim vs the World, I highly recommend it. It’s one of the more creative and fun movies to come out in recent memory. And while you’re at it, give Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and the amazing T.V. series “Spaced” a watch — all directed by Edgar Wright, and all fantastic.

The Incredible ‘Little Mermaid’ cameo

8 Jun

For anyone who spent their weekend afternoons watching old movies on KMPH, this post may hold special significance, especially if you were ever entranced by the Don Knotts classic The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

The Incredible Mr. Limpet is a great little movie about a put-upon sad sack who turns into a fish and helps the U.S. Navy fight Nazis. Really. It’s part live action, part animation, and all Warner Brothers, which makes this next bit of news a little strange: Mr. Limpet has swum his way into a Disney classic.

A poster on MiceChat thought he/she noticed a familiar-looking fish hiding in the seaweed of the new Little Mermaid attraction at Disney California Adventure, and asked others to confirm. Another poster, Awaflyboy, managed to snap this great picture:

Photo via Awaflyboy and

That sure looks like Mr. Limpet to me, and to another MiceChat poster, Angie_Duke, who posted the following still from The Little Mermaid movie. Take a look toward the top right:

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Disneyland News Update

27 May

Oh, man, there is so much going on at the Disneyland Resort this week; it’s killing me not to be there to check out firsthand all the new stuff.

First of all, the new Star Tours has unofficially opened. The attraction has been running sporadically throughout the week for “soft” openings, and lucky guests who were in the right place at the right time have been allowed on to give it a go.

General consensus has been pretty positive (read the L.A. Times review of the attraction here). Reviewers claim that the ride is fresh and fun, and that the 3D is an enhancement, and not a hindrance (unlike most 3D).

Photo via

Now, I’m one of those people who normally hates spoilers, but I will make a giant exception for Disneyland rides. Therefore, I watched the following video taken from one of the first flights of the newly updated attraction.

If you want to wait to experience Star Tours for yourself, don’t watch the video; otherwise skip to about 9:30, unless you want to see the queue/boarding stuff (also, be aware it’s blurry thanks to the 3D thing).

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Scene: Stankonia Tribute

27 May

I don’t know much, but I do know this: Any event put together by Devoya Mayo and the Soulflower Group is a guaranteed good time.

Tonight the group takes over Audie’s in the Tower for Stankonia, a tribute to Outkast. Today is Andre 3000’s birthday, making the party even more timely and special.

If you’re able, I highly recommend checking out this event. It’s only $5 and, like I said, a guaranteed good time. At the last tribute, to Prince, Devoya handed out tiny tambourines she’d decorated with Prince’s symbol.

I mean, tiny tambourines. Come on.